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Make the Connection!

This is where the magic happens! Referrals begin with the identification of a specific need and contact person; they are completed through the introduction to the specific applicable Solution Magnet Client. Solution Magnet never needs to be mentioned; the Solution Magnet Contractor introduces the prospective buyer and the Solution Magnet Client directly.

The Solution Magnet Referral Form is only used to connect the Solution Magnet Contractor and Client and to simply keep track of deals to ensure commissions are paid.

Once a referral has been submitted the Solution Magnet Contractor will receive an email with a copy of the form for their personal records within 24 hours. Within 48 hours of Referral submission, if the referral is accepted, the Solution Magnet Contractor will receive an email from the Solution Magnet Client who will be introduced to the prospect to support their need. Alternatively, the Solution Magnet Contractor may receive an email from Solution Magnet requesting more information or notice of rejection and explanation.

Some deals take time to close. You can check the status of a referral by emailing the Solution Magnet Client Contact you were given when you submitted the referral and copy

Remember, to make a referral, you must be an official Solution Magnet Sales Contractor. If you have not applied and/or been approved, make sure to apply and be approved first by filling out the Solution Magnet Sales Contractor application.

Referrals Form

    Contractor First Name*

    Contractor Last Name*

    Contractor Email*

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    Prospect Company Name*

    Prospect Company Website*

    Prospect Corporate Address

    Address 2



    Zip Code

    Prospect Company Contact First Name*

    Prospect Company Contact Last Name*



    Solution Being Referred*

    Contractor Relationship with Prospect*

    Special Instructions for Introduction


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